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Client Testimonials

There's nothing better than knowing I've provided my clients with a product they love and the comments below mean that I'm doing my job properly.

Please contact me if you'd like my voice to work for you.

David Evans

New Zealand

Honestly, this was exactly what I wanted, perfect. Debbie was incredibly responsive to my query, fast to do the product and totally got where I was coming from. She produced a first class VO. It actually made me feel quite emotional listening to it. Emotional because she puts feeling into it and also because here is someone who got what I wanted and delivered it. That's service. I couldn't recommend her too highly. I reckon I was very lucky to come across her in [platform name removed]. You couldn't do better than hire her to do your VO's.

Greta Puls


Deb was my first [platform name removed] collaboration. She was great, from both a service and content perspective. It was a very good experience. Thanks Deb 😀

Elliot Miller


Deb is our go-to for voice overs. She is always so professional with her work and delivers a high-quality results! Thanks again, Deb!

Sohrab Jamarani


VO 3: Deb is a pro; she requested all of the details to ensure a flawless recording. And delivered a quick, high-quality narration of my book. The context had many jargons, technical words, and terms, but she did an amazing job. If you are looking for someone who is quick but also cares about the results, give your project to Deb; she's great.

VO 2: Deb knows what she's doing, and always delivers high-quality work.

VO 1: Deb is quick and professional. Allow her to do her job, and I guarantee you'll be pleased with the results.

Sarah Jimmerson


It was an exhilarating experience, Deb was so amazing! She made my words leap of the pages. I am extremely happy with the outcome of this project and will be using Deb in the near future to work on narrations for my romance novels.



Great quality VoiceOver service.



Very fast delivery time. Great work and would use again. Thank you!



Job 2 Professional, good communication and turn around really fast. Thanks Deb for another professional product.

Job 1: We required a voice on hold message asap. Debbie delivered beyond our expectations. Highly recommend.



Deb was absolutely fantastic! Timely, professional, and high quality work!

Sam Thiele


Thanks Deb, super fast and professional. You took initiative to make this read your own and ensure it was engaging. We will look to use your services again. Cheers, Sam



Brilliant, Debbie was an ease to work with and the quality of the recordings are fantastic. Definitely work with her again.



Honey experience with Debbit Very professional Thank you very much I will work only with her Five stars.



OMG, where has this VO artist been..... Absolutely recommend her.

Liam Bryce


Fast, friendly and produced a great VO!

Client 201822


She is a professional Australian Voice talent. Always available on chat and responds very quickly. Her TAT is also good. We will defenetely use her services in future.

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