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Hi there or, "G'day" as we say in Australia! Are you looking for a voice over ?




I am Deb/Debbie Foster, a professional Australian female voice actor with over 20 years of experience. I am noted for my sultry, warm, approachable personality and for being a versatile performer with a variety of styles. I record from my home studio or on-location in, or near the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 


I provide professional voice overs for: radio, television and cinema advertising and station imaging; on-hold and IVR platforms; video game and podcast characters; eLearning; long-form and short-form narrations; romance audiobooks and  YouTube channel voice overs. I'm proud of my work which means you get a quality, professional product every time.

It all started one day back in 1992 when I was working as a commercial radio copywriter. I was sitting at my desk writing ad copy when the radio announcer rushed into my office and asked me to "quickly come to the studio - I need a female voice". The female voice actor that he'd booked hadn't turned up and he was in a big hurry!


I followed him into the studio, he threw a script at me and said "Here you go, read this!". I stood hesitantly behind the microphone and to my surprise, the words came out easily and, as they say ... the rest is history.

There is a little more to this story though so if you have the time, head to my About page to read more.

I have 140+ (dog) years' experience providing professional voice overs to clients and am ready to take your project to the next level. I have a variety of read styles to suit your project and take direction well.


Professional, reliable and friendly, I am available to discuss your voice over needs to ensure you receive a product you are completely happy with and I will work with you to ensure your project runs on schedule and to budget.​

Deb's Demo Reel
00:00 / 01:15
Romance Novel
00:00 / 03:29

I offer an Australian female voice for:

  • Long and short-form narrations.

  • Meditation voice overs.

  • eLearning voice overs.

  • On-hold message and IVR voice overs.

  • Explainer video voice overs.

  • Audiobook narration voice overs.

  • Romance novel voice overs.

  • Television commercials, sweepers/liners/imaging.

  • Radio commercials, sweepers/liners/imaging.

  • Cinema advertising voice overs.

  • Video game character voices.

  • Scriptwriting services, including script checking/editing

  • Some on-camera presentations.

  • YouTube channel voice overs.

All projects are welcome and every project has a client satisfaction guarantee. Voice overs are delivered to you in the format of your choice. 

If you would like to receive a FREE voice over audition for your next project simply follow the link.


Thank you for visiting me, Deb Foster at Have a great day!

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