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There are so many great voice over resources available, I don't know where to start but here's a few websites and YouTube channels for everything voice over!​

Abbe Holmes - Voice Actor and Coach

I had been looking for a voice coach but didn't really know what I needed. I came across Abbe's website after doing a google search and after watching her video, I felt that Abbe would be able to help me become better at my craft. Abbe and I had a great session and I learnt so much just in one hour! I have booked in for Abbe's audiobook session which will happen in January 2023 and I'm really looking forward to it. If you're looking for a coach, I highly recommend that you try Abbe. She will call you for a chat prior to booking the session so you'll get a good feel for whether she is the right coach for you.

Casting Call Club

This is a great resource for voice actors who want to delve into the world of character voices. There's a lot of projects available to audition for but take note, a lot of them don't offer any monetary reward. I have signed up there because I'd like to learn and grow in this field. It's fun trying to voice a character, and maybe it will help me become a better voice actor overall. 

Booth Junkie - Mike DelGaudio

I love watching and listening to Mike because he comes across as such a genuine person with really good advice on how to market yourself and make it in the world of voice overs. He has a stack of great videos on this channel dealing with setting up your audio booth, microphone comparisons etc. Pop over to YouTube and check out his videos, I'm sure you'll find something there that will make you say "I learned something new today!"


Mike Russell

Mike is amazing with Adobe Audition! I highly recommend watching and learning from this guru.

Bill DeWees

I enjoy listening to Bill each weekday morning although I don't make it to the live stream because of the time difference. I do watch as often as I can though and there's a lot of good viewer questions.

Voice Over Angela

Angela is a lovely lady and another one who runs daily voice over chats. Watch some of the older videos to pick up some good information about ACX and fiverr. Note that ACX is not available to Australia voice actors but there are other options for us.

VO Buzz Weekly - New episodes every Sunday

Chuck and Stacey have some fabulous interviews with very well known voice actors. I love how they have a short (1 ish minute) snippet of the interview which gives you the chance to see whether you want to watch the whole thing, then if you do, the link to the full video is right there on the same page. 


Fabulous videos on using Adobe Audition.

I'll update this page as I find more interesting content.

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