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Voice Overs and my Blog - Ahhh (good sigh)

I had such good intentions of writing a blog everyday to use it like a diary, where I can go back and read this in months, or years to come, to see how everything was going when I started doing voices again. Alas, I've been so busy with everything I'm doing to try to build clientele that I'm not finding time to do the blog.

Today, I have made it my mission to do this blog post and then do more and more auditions. You see, that's the thing, no matter how many hundreds of podcasts I listen to, or YouTube videos I watch, it all comes down to numbers. Numbers, numbers, NUMBERS!! You see, it's numbers that make all the difference in the world to whether I'm doing voices full time, part time or, not at all.

I love this industry and there's so many opportunities to provide a voice over for some really fantastic video narrations, advertisements, audiobooks, you know - anything that needs a voice. I really want to be doing this, I love the whole process - from trying to voice in the style, tone and pace that suits the project and then the audio editing and mastering to provide a high quality/broadcast quality audio file for someone who needs it. You see, it's not all about the money - I have done free voice overs in the past but they were only small and not being used in a broadcast environment.

Providing free voices isn't something I can do at the moment because I am starting out again and I need to grow my business financially as well BUT, it is something I have done and I can see when there are reasons to do it.

So, today my plan is to find more auditions and get myself heard. I need to be heard by many, many people who are looking for a female voice over. I have the ability, I have the equipment and I have the inspiration so now, I just need the jobs to come in.

Ok - I'm doin' it!

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