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Upwork - Hooray, I was offered a job!

Is it really 'Hooray' though?

I chose to accept this job because I need to get reviews on the Upwork platform. As we all know, every freelancer on these sites MUST strive to get good reviews, and lots of them.

Even though I'm not new to the industry, I am new to selling my voice services on these platforms and I will take whatever projects I'm offered to start getting my 'stars'.

So, this job is ridiculously long ... it's for meditation/hypnosis. It's just over 4K word length and guess how much I'm doing it for? US$50. Yes, that's right, US$50. My husband is horrified but I look at it this way, that US$50 could turn into US$500 or US$5000 in the future. It's all about numbers and I currently don't have any so, I have to suck it up and do the work to get them.

I must say, I think my voice lends itself well to this genre so I'll now start seeking work in this area. I'll add some samples to Fiverr as well and see how that goes. I'll put demos on my site too, hopefully someone will see them there. I might even do a mix so that they aren't dry voice only which I currently have.

It took me almost an hour today to voice about 3K words - that was with a few stops for loud cars or birds chirping nearby. All in all, that wasn't too bad for timing but then I have to go through and insert 4 seconds of silence between each sentence which is pretty time-consuming.

It's ok though. While this project is going to end up paying me a low rate per hour, hopefully, it will be worth it in the future.

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