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Thank you - your honesty is very much appreciated. xx

Sometimes, even though you may not realise it, you just need to hear an honest opinion from your loved ones and today, I received some clear advice from one of my loved ones. He didn't hold back either, he said "Choose whether you are going to be an information giver or a worker. Don't try to be everything, stay in your lane!" It took me back a little because he sounded quite emotional about it, but then he said "You shouldn't have to be everything! You are great at what you do but you could easily become overwhelmed and end up not doing anything because you're trying to do EVERYTHING." You know what ... he's right!

I built my website, then I opened my Facebook business page and then I started looking at what else I am supposed to do ... wow! I mean, WOOOOWWWWWW!!! How am I ever going to voice anything if I'm posting things on all those social media platforms??

There's so many entrepreneurs out there who have blogs, YouTube channels, TikTok accounts, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, WhatsApp apps etc., it's overwhelming and I feel like I'll fail right from the get-go if I have to do all that but after receiving that sound advice, I realise that it's just a state of mind.

So, after thinking about it for a while; I decided that, for the moment, I'm going to focus on keeping my website updated (maybe a daily blog) and promoting my voice over services.

I have followed lots of voice over pages on fb and I will try to post interesting things here but other than that my main goal right now is to get back up and running and get voicing!

For my short blog today, I have one last thing. While watching some video on YouTube about voice overs, I found this guy, Anthony Pica. I'm a bit tired of the YouTube videos at the moment but I saw that Anthony has a Podcast called A VO's Journey. I started listening to his podcast yesterday - right back to Ep 1 (he currently has 248 Eps!). Interestingly enough, on Ep 6, Anthony talks about how overwhelming all this social media can be for a VO person who's trying to get work. Have a listen to that Ep and see what you get out of it but I think his comments are right on the money.

Enjoy your day, I'm going back to my cupboard. :-)

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