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So many YouTube videos to watch and so little time ...

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

My mind is blown by the amount of information about voice acting that there is on YouTube. I've been watching these videos ad nauseam lately and when I come across a new one now, I'm not sure whether I've already watched that particular video or whether it's a video from another channel that's repeating the same information! Haha, it's tough syphoning through them however, all the videos are relevant to the voice over industry and I'm getting a lot out of listening to them. These professional voice actors give their valuable time teaching aspiring talent about the industry so make sure you take the time to listen and learn from them.

There's also newish talent who leave pretty good videos. Check this girl Nastasia out, she's done a good job on this video which has 117K views! That's pretty good going! How to Become a Voice Actor (Without any experience) One of the pages she recommends is I want to be a voice actor. Now that's a page full of information about the voice over industry!

As you can see, there's stacks of information out there so if you're looking to get into the industry, you can find all the information you need just by doing a targeted search.

Here's a fun task for you - go to YouTube and type in "voice actor" (male or female, or neither) and see how many results you get. It's amazing ... let me do it now ... .... .... ....

Phew! Lucky I made it back because for a while there, I was stuck in a loop of dog videos! 😊

Back to voice over chatter.

In yesterday's blog, I mentioned that the area you record your voices overs in is the most important thing that you need to focus on - making it the best it can be. That means making it soundproof, but not so much that it becomes 'dead'. Also not so much that it becomes 'flat'. You need to find that sweet spot and when you do, you'll be laughing.

It will take some tweaking but a good starting point is to find the quietest area that you have available to record in and then, use good acoustic foam to treat that space. Get it as soundproof as you can, then do sound checks. Record something and listen back to check the outcome. Listen and look at you DAW for the noise floor and keep that as low as possible. You'll know when you get your sound right - really listen and you will hear it.

This weekend we will be working on my new booth. We need to paint it, then treat it with acoustic foam. Once we have all the foam, the boom arm and mics in place, we can start sound checks. Yay. 😀

That's still a little way off but at least we are on the way there which is exciting because while the cupboard is good for the moment, it's going to be very nice to be able to move around (just a little) when I'm voicing. 😊

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