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More about Upwork 'cos that's my current focus.

After finalising my first project on Upwork, I was pumped! So, what better thing to do than go and search for more jobs (which I have been doing anyway, but today I did it with more gusto).

I scrolled through and found about 14 jobs that I could put in a proposal for. The trouble was, I had run out of credits so I needed to purchase more. Now there's a catch! Not only do Upwork take a percentage of your earnings but you also have to buy your extra credits if you run out during the month! This could get very expensive so I hope more jobs roll in so that I can continue this mad journey. :)

One note to self - the job I 'boosted' my credits on is the one I received an offer for ... there's got to be something in that doesn't there.

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