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I love my booth!

How lucky am I to have my own audio booth where I can just walk in and get voices done, then walk out again!?

We bought a cupboard on Facebook marketplace for $150. I didn't even negotiate with the guy because I knew it would be the right cupboard for my purpose. Ath said I should have dropped the guy down in price but really, when I look at the price of whisper rooms and shields and items like that, $150 was pretty cheap to get the framework for my audio booth.

It was a bit of a process to get the cupboard into the form of a booth; from painting the outside, to doing some cut-outs and installing the foam, lights and power board inside the booth, so that I can see and have easy access to power. Ath did a great job with it and once he was finished all that, we moved it from the shed into the guest bedroom ... its forever home.

The image on the left shows the cupboard just after we've moved it into the room. Notice the middle shelf ... there's actually a cut-out which matches the same lines as the bottom cut-out. So, when I'm using the booth, the shelf is out and stored underneath but if we need to pack the booth away so that it looks like a regular cupboard (say for when guests are staying over), then the shelf goes back in and the doors can close completely. I need to take another photo to show the various stages of it being a booth or a cupboard.

All this for $150 plus white paint that we already had, plus the acoustic foam which was around $450. A green blanket fabric from Spotlight that cost about $16. It's doubled up with a blanket we already had and they both hang over the back of the booth as a backdrop when I'm voicing.

Pretty cool hey!

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