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Hooray! My first job on Fiverr!

I'm so excited that I received my first Fiverr job today! The pay is very very very (very) small (hahaha - US$5) but I only have to say 5 words so, that's $1/word which isn't too bad if you think about it. :-)

It's all a numbers game and I need numbers. I need to start getting reviews so that my little gold star is fully lit up with decent numbers against it. Even thought I have provided professional voice overs for 20+ years, I have not provided these on Fiverr or Upwork or any of those platforms where freelancers hang out so I now have to do my time and start off small ... heading to the big $.

The nicest thing is that someone actually chose me to read their script. It feels really good to receive that positive feedback, considering they wanted to use my voice.

I really enjoy voicing and I have a true passion for editing the audio files. Thankfully, there is so much information available on YouTube that I can watch videos to my heart's content on how to make my audio better. I love playing around with the waveform and the spectral view in Adobe Audition is fan-freeking-tastic! I love it. :)

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