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Curious jobs ...

So, I had a job offer from What's App yesterday and I couldn't help being very cautious. Is it a case that we live in a world of so much skepticism that it turns us into skeptics as well? Maybe this was a legitimate job but I will never know now because I said, politely, "Thank you for the offer however, this isn't a good fit at this time."

I didn't turn it down immediately ... I asked a lot of questions but the problem was that it was quite difficult to hear the person on the other end of the call. I didn't quite hear his name but I think he was from Pakistan. He asked me if I would shoot video and I asked what type to which he replied "any, all types, if you are comfortable with that." Well, those words sure did bring my skepticdar up to high alert mode ... "if you are comfortable" - what sort of shoot was this?

At one point he asked me how old I was and if I was married. I said yes to being married and "old" to "how old". lol

Then he sent me a script which looked legitimate ... for a furnishing/homeware expo being held in Islamabad. So, was it a legitimate job offer that just wasn't being communicated clearly, or was the script just a lure to make it look legit?

Who knows but I had to go with my gut instinct and I'm sure there'll be lots of other opportunities for jobs yet to come. :-)

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