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Anthony Pica. I've found your podcast!

I like this guy and I like his podcasts so far. I've started listening at episode 1 but he's got over 240 episodes so I have a fair way to go before I catch up to the present day!

No offence Anthony but I skipped past the 2nd and 3rd episodes because I've read sooo much lately about setting up booths etc that I just couldn't listen to another one, even though I'm sure yours is very good. :)

Anthony's webpage is here. He's got a great voice (and a nice site).

I liked the discussion in episode 6 of his podcast. Anthony touched on how much work you're expected to do as a voice actor. How many social media platforms that you have to be on and how much people expect you'll be doing to get your name out there. It's truly exhausting! Where do people get the time to do all of this, AND voice?

Anyway, I'll keep listening to Anthony and enjoy taking snippets of information away when I hear good advice from these VO pros.

I've got to say though, after listening to so many of them lately, I'm starting to hear some sales pitches embedded deep within some of the YouTube videos. Please be careful, don't get sucked in and definitely don't spend your money on promises of making it big. Just take the time to listen and learn first and then, if you think you're ready and if you have the money - go ahead and spend it but make sure it's on something you really believe in and that you've done your research on.

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