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This is important so please read the following, albeit boring text.

My Client Satisfaction Guarantee

This guarantee covers the re-voicing of any portions of your script at no extra charge if I make an error in pronunciations.


I will also re-voice small portions of a script if you require different inflections or a change of pace, one revision before some small extra costs are incurred (when direction has been followed). 

This guarantee does not cover re-voicing at no charge if changes are made to the script after the first voice recording is approved.

We can discuss all aspects of the project and your expectations, prior to commencement and I will work fairly with you to ensure your budget isn't overly compromised if extra voicing is required.

Depending on the length of your project, I am happy to negotiate on prices for extra revisions etc. 

IMPORTANT: I do not provide voice overs 'in perpetuity'.

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