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A little bit more about me and my experience.

​I owned and operated another voice over business for 20 years. That business was (for excellence in voice overs) and this was a successful business which I ran part-time outside of my full time employment. (When I started the business,  I was working for WIN Television as a commercial producer/copywriter and on-station female voice actor.)

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I provided voice overs to my clients for many different applications and enjoyed every minute of it! I remember doing a voice over via Skype one evening where I was being directed by a client in Norway ... it seemed crazy at the time because it was still very new technology in 2004. There I was, up in North Queensland, Australia and there they were, on the other side of the world! When I look at it now, everything has become so much easier for voice actors to record and deliver their product.  It's all taken for granted that you can work together on a global platform but it wasn't that easy back in the early 2000s.


Years passed by, our children grew up and many life changes occurred with some major changes being the sudden passing of my beloved sister and the move to a new city into a home where my husband and I were living with my dear elderly parents, to ensure they were safe and could be independent for as long as possible. They lived downstairs and us upstairs. 


This move meant I didn't have a home studio anymore and the home we were moving to was just an interim rental. The cupboard didn't work as a booth (which sometimes is an excellent option) and, I started a new full time job which turned out to be very demanding and stressful.

With my stressful job and large change of lifestyle, I sadly made the decision to 'retire' from voice overs.  I sold my TLM103!!!!! (What!!!!) and deactivated my website. I hung up my hat and closed the door on something I loved, to focus on receiving a regular, secure full time wage. :-(


After more than a few years away from voicing, I realised this was making me very unhappy and, having purchased our own house, it was a very easy decision to get back into doing something I love.

Muscle memory is a very interesting thing because as soon as I opened up Adobe Audition, my fingers went straight back in search of all the keyboard shortcuts I had previously used and I've got to say - it feels GREAT to be doing this again!


So,  if you're in need of a female voice over for your project, please let me provide you with a custom demo so that we can start working together soon. :-)

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